Amazing observatories around the world


Countless space researches and scientists have tried to uncover the mysteries of our planet and its surroundings for years. That is why some amazing observatories around the world were built throughout history. Among all scientific structures, an observatory can provide the most awe-inspiring experience for any kind of person. Following is the compilation of some amazing observatories around the world that are rich in both location and architecture. The Gardens on Spring Creek is a lovely place to lay a blanket down and look at the stars.

Paranal Observatory

Perhaps the most beautiful among all the amazing observatories around the world, is located in Chile. If you an astrology student, professor, or just a fan, Chile is your astronomical sanctuary. It has around 30 observatories each with unique and pleasant experience to offer. Skies of Chile remain clear for almost whole year free of light and air pollution. That’s why it is an ideal region for stargazing and studying. Paranal Observatory is very famous among people who belong to science. It is widely famous for its massive telescope, named VLT (Very Large Telescope) that shows the picture twenty-five times clearer than any other observatory in the world.

Sphinx Observatory

This observatory is located in Switzerland on a mountain peak named Sphinx and was built in 1937. It is situated at more than 11000ft above sea-level and is one of the highest. The level of height also allows it to be used as a secondary observation deck. An elevator that is excavated into the mountain, ascends from the train station towards the observatory, providing thrilling views on its way. Sphinx observatory includes a weather station, one workshop and two huge laboratories for research and experiments.


In South Africa, South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO) was found in the year 1820, in a beautiful suburban Cape Town. It provides the most facilities to scientists among all the amazing observatories in the world. Operating as the national centre, SAAO heavily contributes in the study of astronomy as well as astrophysics by collecting research data and sharing their findings. This is a must visit observatory to learn about wonders of our universe.

Greenwich Observatory

Located in United Kingdom (UK), also known as The Royal Observatory, Greenwich Observatory played a key role in the history of astrology and navigation techniques. Founded by King Charles II in 1675, it has become the most visited of all amazing observatories in the world. It is mainly due to the fact the Prime Meridian crosses the observatory that perfectly separates eastern and western hemisphere, thus, naming GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

The person standing on the line of Prime Meridian is literally at two places at once. This scientific gem also functions as a museum and is listed under UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites which is a great accomplishment for any European country. The beautiful views of London across Thames River are truly breath-taking. Moreover, a scenic walkway that lead up to observatory intensifies romantic feelings. That is why people love to visit this place more than all the other amazing observatories in the world.